City Desired exhibition

City Desired was an exhibition which ran for 2 months at City Hall and then 2 months at the new Watershed at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. It was a multi- faceted exhibition presenting datasets at 10 module stations covering key themes such as education, shelter, the food system and transport, this was seen through protagonists covering different aspects of life in Cape Town. 

Pixel Project designed and built the software for 10 touchscreens for each of the 10 key themes as well as a 3,5mx1m interactive table. The software was created with an intuitive and user friendly interface for users to access the content which consisted of a documentary, interactive map and photo galleries. The interactive maps allowed users to toggle switches on the map which presented visual stats based on extensive research from various sources. The galleries presented further insight to the themes and lives presented by the protagonists and included audio stories from the Children’s Radio Foundation.

The Interactive Table featured further information on these themes with more interactive content and could accommodate 8 users simultaneously. 

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