Freedom park museum

Freedom Park stands as a monument to democracy in Africa. It was founded on the values of human dignity, rights and freedom. //hapo is the exhibition space which explores the history of mankind from its origins in Africa. Given the rich oral tradition in Africa, the curators wanted visually rich and engaging screens to enhance the museum’s visual theme and experience and assist the guides and storytellers. Pixel Project created a visual identity for the touchscreens which adapts based on the different epochs within the museum. There were 18 kiosks through out the museum. 

Visitors can interact with articles, interactive games and beautiful galleries to learn more about Africa’s rich history. All the information that appears on the screens is run from a custom developed Content Management System (CMS) that Pixel Project created for the content curation team. Since there was no existing content for the kiosks, Pixel Project worked closely with a specialised team of writers and researchers to create a digital content strategy that would enhance the visitor experience dealing with such a vast history.