Microsoft coffee tables

Microsoft Johannesburg asked us to design interactive coffee tables for their reception area of their Johannesburg branch. The reception area serves as a comfortable and informal meeting area and is also used by visitors waiting for appointments. Our brief was to create a product that looked classical, elegant and stylish. The software needed to adhere to their brand guidelines whilst still being a fun and engaging interface. Tackling the physical table design first, we got to work designing very simple and classic- styled tables that would suit their existing decor. The tables, especially the multitouch surfaces, needed to be durable and the touch surface protected in case of drinks being spilled on the surface and also not trigger the interface if people placed their laptops or bags on the surface. 

Working with Denka Johannesburg, we briefed in the design and they manufactured the tables in record time. The installation of the tables coincided with the launch of Windows 10 and created quite a buzz at their offices. The tables are able to play videos, image galleries and even have a twitter widget. All content is handled externally and the client is able to add, remove and edit sections with ease.