Origins Museum

An interactive adventure game placed on multiple kiosks through the museum experience.

Each of the kiosks exploration area for the game wa a reprentation of that room.
The user would need to physically look for the answers to the questions and clues in the real world to  successfully complete each section of the game.
This allowed them to learn more about the content of the museum and interact with the game hero while she tried to escape the locked museum at night.

We were approached to develop software for kiosks that would be used in the Orgins Centre Museum. Each set of Kiosks had to display different video content based on the theme of the rooms. Visitors to the museum include tourists, school children, residents and academics of all ages. We were also asked to develop the end-projection art and somehow get the visitors faces and feedback onto the screen.

The client also requested a game to educate the younger visitors in an entertaining and interactive way about the exhibits and archaeology.

Touchscreen run by Apple Mac Mini computers. Users could register in their own language (English, Afrikaans, Zulu, Sotho, French or German).
The backend server allowed all the Kiosks to be networked so that the userʼs progress could be monitored. This also allowed the users to keep track of their progress through the museum as well as email themselves or their friends information.

The end-projection showing the users faces and messages was solved by using webcams and microphones on the kiosks in the final room. Users could record themselves practising the South African motto and take a picture of themselves as well as leave a message. This was then projected onto a wall behind them. The projection was made to mimic the recessed boxes on the wall so that it integrated seamlessly with them.

The Origins Adventure game was included on all the kiosks. The game is set in a virtual version of the museum. This allowed us to theme the questions in the game to what was inside the real museum. This forced the children to interact and read the information in the museum displays in order to answer the questions correctly and play the game well.