We developed the interactive dance software for the club. 
Pixelator has also been used for big brands like Absolut and Olmega

Pixelator is a reactive series of visual effects that react to people moving or dancing in front of it.

It has been used for art installations, night clubs, events and brand activations. The versitility of the effects and the ability to brand the experience led to its success.
It uses a special 3d kinect camera to detect peoples movements and translate them to the screen.

The new two-storey hotspot, which opened in August 2014 and sits pretty on Cape Town’s bustling Loop Street required some forward-thinking technology.

The roof and walls of the club area are adorned with over 1.2km of LED lights, which are capable of all sorts of fancy tricks, and there’s a super cool interactive motion-active wall, which, with the help of gaming technology, maps your dance moves and then interprets and projects them as a series of awesome graphics and images.