Relief map table

Deep in the valley of the Emakhosini area, a very rural part of Deep in the valley of the Emakhosini area, a very rural part of KwaZulu-Natal near Ulundi, the Umgungungdlovu Multimedia Centre was erected. It is a monument to the rich and often unspoken history in the area. The Valley has a rich history from battles between the British, the Boers and the local Zulus to the brave and fierce Zulu chiefs and their amaKhanda (settlements) as well as being an area teeming with diverse flora and fauna. We were brought on board to design and develop the experience in the main multimedia room. Together with Digital Fabric and Cultural Kaleidoscope, we conceptualized an experience that the locals had never seen before - an interactive relief map table which taught them the history of their ancestors and the area itself. In fact, it was the first of it's kind in the entire country!

Using projectors, touch screens, speakers and a carved relief map of the Emakhosini Valley, we created an interactive story-telling experience. The table educates visitors about a much hidden local history of events in the Emakhosini Valley. There are 2 touchscreens mounted on the side of the table and visitors can trigger projected animations and the corresponding narrative audio tracks in their choice of language in English or Zulu from the touch screen interface. They are able to learn about famous battles in the area, geological wonders and the rich history of chiefs and their tribes. The table dominates the room which is slightly darkened to increase the magical impact of the projection.

In a small alcove nearby are 5 kiosks that contain general tourist information about the province as a whole and also features a fun game where you can design your own Nguni cow and name it. Nguni cows are sacred to the Zulu Nation and highly revered. There are also beautiful panoramic galleries from the points of interest in the Valley that visitors can view.