Transport for Cape Town

Following on from the success of the Transport DeveIopment Index showcase at the UITP congress in Milan, Transport for Cape Town (TCT) needed us to adapt and evolve the experience for the UATP Congress (the African Union of Public Transport, a division of UITP). UITP is a non-profit international association advancing sustainable mobility and public transport. The 3-day workshop was hosted by TCT and took place in Cape Town in October 2015. Working once again with Switch Cape Town, we designed 2 experiences to present the information based on their needs for the workshop. As before, TCT was to present, amongst other information, the role that their tool they developed, the Transport Development Index (TDI) plays in responding to the actual needs of transport in the city as well as their goal for the next 15 years.

There were 2 areas that needed slightly different versions of the software and content. The first space was the main presentation room and the second was at the exhibition area, for the stand. Working closely with the client, we revised the original content, added additional information and adapted this into a bold, visual language that took the complex the ideas and language and converted them into a user-friendly and accessible format.  Evolving the content from UITP and developing it further with new content, we adapted the original interactive 3D projection mapping software to a 3D projection mapped presentation. This ran an 11 minute narrated animation which took the delegates on a journey to understand the vision of TCT, the TDI as well as present their 15 year vision. 

At the stand we created 2 interactive spaces where visitors could engage with the repurposed information from the main presentation. Each station contained a mounted iPad, LCD screen and headphones.  After a brief introduction, users have a choice of 3 items to choose from on a menu on the iPad to view the different animations on the LCD screen which played out the information from the Transport Development Index.